Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Shalom is a Christ-centered, non-denominational Christian camp. All are welcome, and we are blessed to be able to share in the “time and place apart” that is our mission. Daily worship, prayer and bible study comprise a small portion of the day, but faith and striving to be the best version of our self is central to camp ministry.

You can apply online at: or, you can call or email the Camp Shalom office. Financial assistance must be applied for before a child is registered for camp. Any reservation made before April 15, 2019 will not have a Campership award applied. All Campership awarded reservations must be made after April 15th, 2019.  If there is a reservation deposit put down before April 15th, that reservation must be paid in full prior to camper arrival.  Any questions, please contact us at (563) 323-2790.

Many campers each summer are required to have an EpiPen.  The camper’s counselor will carry the EpiPen to ensure it is kept in proximity to the camper and does not get lost.

While our Healthcare Coordinator has a certificate in medications dispensing, we cannot guarantee that we will have someone available with the proper credentials to administer a shot.  We can assist a camper by holding an arm or in other ways.  Please call the Camp Shalom office before sending a child requiring this type of assistance.

Every summer there are campers who attend summer camp and have diabetes.  But every person’s situation is different, and the camper’s safety is paramount. Please contact the Camp Shalom office to discuss the camper’s situation.

The Food Service Director at Camp Shalom is experienced with handling youth with special food requirements.  If your child has substantial requirements (being a fussy eater is not a requirement), it may be easier to send food along for the staff to prepare.  Please call the Camp Shalom office if you would like to discuss.


Use the grade they will be, in the upcoming fall school year.  (If they are in 3rd in February, they need to register as in 4th)

Every child will be considered the gender that a parent registers them as.

No, that’s silly!  We do keep close watch on campers and staff during periods of extreme heat.

Staff carries cell phones and there are weather radios in several areas around camp.  If severe weather is anticipated overnight, campers will sleep in the Program Center or the Charis House.  Camp Shalom has done a substantial amount of planning and training regarding weather emergencies.  In the event of a weather emergency, notifications will be sent out on Face Book and the Camp Shalom app once all campers and staff are considered safe and secure.

6262 Cave Rd, Maquoketa, IA    Camp Shalom is approximately 3 miles west of Hwy 61.  

Look for “Gate 1”

Drop-off is from 2:00-4:00 PM on the first day of your camper’s reserved camp session.

Join your child for Closing Worship at 11:00 a.m. on the last day of your child’s camp session.  Check-out is immediately after worship.

Once you have completed all the forms and made a payment, the online system should show your child as “Registered”.  

If all forms have not been completed or a payment has not been made, they will show as “Enrolledand do not have a spot reserved yet.  

If the session is full, it will show the camper as “Waitlisted”

Should a spot open for a session with a waitlist, campers will be chosen to fill the spots in the order they went on the waitlist.  Once contacted, the parent or guardian will have two days to complete the registration before spot is given to the next person on the list.

There is a list under the Parent Information tab.


No one knows your child better than you.  Many youths who struggle with autism, ADHD and a variety of behavioral disorders have thrived at Camp Shalom over the last 42 years.  Contact our office to discuss how Camp Shalom might work for your child.

This is not uncommon for our younger campers.  The staff members work discreetly to help the camper.  Please be sure to note this on the Health History Form and take time to have a conversation with the camper’s counselor.

Camp Shalom has been ACA certified since 2006.  Its most recent recertification was in 2017.

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