The Camp Shalom Board of Directors recently approved the replacement of the four remaining original cabins in the Village before summer camp 2022 begins.  To accomplish this, we needed to hire an outside contractor to handle the project which increased the overall cost.

We are asking for the community’s financial support in completing this project.  The total cost of the project is estimated at $145,000 but thanks to the efforts of the board and the support of our donors, we are left with the very manageable amount of just less than $100,000 to raise.

The new cabins will have concrete floors, steel roofs and siding that woodpeckers and bugs cannot destroy.  Generations of campers will be able to create memories in these cabins that will require little maintenance in the future decades.

Please consider supporting this project by funding a cabin window.    The average cost of the 32 windows we will need, is $190.  You may sponsor as many windows as you like.

To sponsor your window, you can send a check or go to our donation page.

If you are interested in funding a greater portion of the project, please contact the Camp Shalom office at (563) 323-2790.