attentive and persistent in doing anything

A summer camp for youth diagnosed with ADHD

Today a significant number of youth are being diagnosed with ADHD. Parents and schools struggle to provide activities for these young people to be successful because of the lack of time and resources.
Camp is the ultimate environment for youth with ADHD because of the physical nature of a camp experience, and the nurturing environment a camp provides.
“dil-i-gent” at Camp Shalom is a low camper to staff member ratio camp, that provide the opportunity for young people with ADHD to participate in activities safely and successfully, all while learning skills they will not be aware they are learning.
The skills training and program design are done with the assistance of professionals in the education and behavior science fields.

Daily Activity

Every young person needs “normal”.
A week of summer camp at Camp Shalom’s ADHD Camp will give campers with ADHD the opportunity to experience the same activities that other campers do, while also learning how to maintain friendships, become more organized, and finish the task they start.
Campers progress at their own pace in a non-competitive environment, surrounded by patient and compassionate Camp Shalom staff members. Staff members strive to teach campers in the style they learn best, to maximize their gains. The campers will experience successes as they participate in the usual camp activities, while learning skills, like how time management and structure can help them succeed in their daily lives.

Personal Growth

We want ‘camp to be camp’ so our campers will be more open to the many opportunities to improve their various personal and interpersonal skills.
One of the most important tools to help our campers achieve their goals will be information supplied by parents. This information will help staff members work with our campers for specific outcomes in the area of relationships, behavior, and communication. A daily summary for each camper will be provided to the campers’ parent or guardian at the end of the week addressing these areas.
A camp experience in itself is an ongoing constant series of events that are “teachable moments. Our goal is to utilize those moments to help the camper grow individually while still having fun.

2017 session date: July 2-7
Entering grades: 7-9
Cost: $425

Parents Forum

The week will conclude on Friday with a Parents Forum led by Dr. Elizabeth Lonning. The forum will be an opportunity for parents to learn more about ADHD. It will allow parents the opportunity to speak to other parents dealing with the same issues and frustrations that a child with ADHD can bring, and it will provide tips on what a parent can do to help their ADHD child on the path to success.