Senior High Camps

Senior High Camps


Camp Shalom has several opportunities for high school aged campers that give them a chance to experience the responsibilities they cherish. Summer camp at Camp Shalom makes sure that these campers have fun experiences, but also allows them to set their own schedule and create their own experiences. Most importantly, they will be spending time with the best role models a high school aged camper could have, the college-aged students who make up the staff at Camp Shalom.


Entering grades: 10-12
Cost: $475
Senior High week is a 6-day, 5-night event that is moving back to The Village. Be ready for some fun as you take a trip to Union Park Camp in Dubuque to experience the 2 hour, 9 station zip-line tour through the woods! Senior High Camp is whatever they choose for it to be, a movie night, Climbing wall at night, who knows what other idea might strike! The Senior High campers will develop their own schedule and enjoy camp at their own pace.
2018 Senior High Week Date:

July 8-13

 Check-in: between 2-4 pm on Sunday / Check-out: 11:00 am on Friday


Entering grades: 10-12
Cost: $200
Camp Shalom recognizes that the demands for a senior high aged camper’s time are substantial. To accommodate their schedule Camp Shalom will be offering a 2-night weekend camp especially for Senior High campers and include activities they help select. This weekend will be about sleeping in, staying up late, and sharing a good time with friends.
2018 Senior High Weekend Date:
July 20-22
Check-in: 5pm on Friday / Check-out: 10am on Sunday


Entering grades: 10-12
Cost: $500
Get ready for a 4-day, 3-night voyage on a 50-foot houseboat! You’ll explore remote islands, sandy beaches, and riverside towns on the biggest river in North America. After beaching your boat, join your houseboat crew for swimming, games and amazing conversation about life and faith. Soak up the sun with an awesome week on the Mississippi.
2018 Houseboat Dates:
June 10-15, June 17-22, July 15-20
Check-in: between 2-4 pm on Sunday / Check-out: 11:00 am on Friday


Completing grades: 10-12
Volunteer Position
Prepare yourself to become a summer staff member by being a volunteer assistant counselor. You will spend two weeks living in a cabin with campers and learning the necessary skills to become a full-time counselor in the future. It is often said that being an AC at Camp Shalom is the best job you will ever have. If you don’t mind hard work and you take reward in helping others have good time at camp, this is a great way to enjoy a two week stay at Camp Shalom.

We will begin accepting AC applications February 23rd, 2018. You can apply to be an Assistant Counselor by clicking the EMPLOYMENT tab at the bottom of this website.